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The word ‘secure’ is derived from Latin ‘securus’ meaning freedom from anxiety.
Se (without) + cura (care, anxiety)
Security literally means “Without Worry”
Security is a desired state of mind as opposed to a set of preventative measures. The only approach is to abandon the pure play of prevention and move to a more mature model of resilience.
Resilience is powerful precisely because it gets us to the true definition of security
being okay no matter what.
This is the future of Security.
-Daniel Miessler
  We believe that when Security is viewed through this lens, we focus on the things that matter most.
Security exists for the people and for the organization. Everyone can be secure.  
Our mission is to spread this kind of Security to all who will listen and learn.
We are here to help you, your organization, and your mission succeed.

User Defense Certification

You can learn how to protect yourself and loved ones at Home and in Cyberspace.

Everyone can be secure.

This is how we FullMetal Freedom.

Cyber Consultation

Your People are your first line of defense. Train them up, protect your assets, and secure your network.

Security at the speed of Business.

This is how we FullMetal Freedom.

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