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At FullMetal CyberSecurity we believe that everyone can protect themselves & their loved ones.

We need someone to help lead the way.


We are looking for someone who believes in serving others.

We are looking for skilled CyberSecurity Professionals who desire to share their knowledge and experience.

We believe that people take priority over numbers which is why we are committed to an in-person led,  precise, relevant, dynamic blend of traditional and E-Learning styles to create the optimum learning experience.

We are looking for skilled talent that can teach End Users the CyberSecurity skills necessary to protect themselves, their organization, and ensure their online privacy.

Helping an Organization harden their"Human Firewall" is a key element but not the complete FullMetal Solution for a successful Defense-In-Depth strategy.

We are looking for skilled talent that we can call on to consult and/or provide hands-on solutions  both remotely and on-site for our client's specific CyberSecurity needs. 


Implementing full-range of solutions starting with User Education, Asset Management, all way to Incident Response.


Contact us for Freelance Teaching  & Consulting  Opportunities.

DISCLAIMER: Although the word "Men" is used in the above image it is not intended to be gender driven nor to affront or discriminate against anyone.

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